The mass usage of 5G networks has been predicted for 2020. The rapidly paced communication era is much near, and we’re here to offer a completely new looking 5G opportunities for your business.

5G is the fifth generation of cellular Mobile Technology. After, and 2G (GSM), 3G (UMTS) and 4G (LTE/WiMax) systems, 5G targets the much higher data rate, less energy consumption, cost reduction, massive device connectivity and higher system capacity. For the early commercial development, the 5G specifications in Release-15* will be completed by March 2019.

* Release 15, to deliver the first set of 5G standards - including new work as well as the maturing of the LTE-Advanced Pro specifications. In June of 2016, the 3GPP Technical Specifications Groups (TSG#72) agreed on a detailed work plan for Release 15.

The standard outline specification of 5G is underway. Hence, the perfect definition is yet not finalised, all we can do is that predict principle of 2020’s network. In the future, there will be zillions of devices connected to the network, most of them will work at the highest internet speed and will be ‘Always Online’. In such cases, the low power consumption and the maximum data Tx-Rx rate will play a key role for 5G networks.

The mobile world is exciting again

There are big announcements worth talking about, from the advent of 5G to the debut of eSIM, flexible and foldable smartphones. The competition of the telecom company mergers could also shake up the plans and dynamics between carriers. We have witnessed huge changes in the telecom industries last year. “Next year will be different with great opportunities’ said Gartner analyst Mark Hung.

After 2G and 3G we have used 4G phones, but it is forecasted that 5G technology will change the world and life will be even better and much faster for human beings. FYI, this year, the 5G services will be launched in many countries and everyone is eagerly waiting.

Services in 5G Networks:

  • Ultra-wideband mobile communications (Extreme Mobile Broadband, xMBB) – the implementation of ultra-wideband communications with the aim of transmitting "heavy" content
  • Mass Machine-Type Communications (mMTC) – support for the Internet of Things (ultra-narrowband communication)
  • Ultra-reliable machine-to-machine communication (Ultra-reliable MTC, uMTC) – providing a special class of services with very low latency

Not only the 5G Technology will have radio access - NX, it will have new generation LTE access and a much better core network. The faster data exchange rate powering IoT, so now onwards you can expect that almost all Mobile Apps will be IoT enabled. You can easily connect digital electronics with each other. Even if you’re sitting somewhere on the earth, you will be able to control and monitor your TV, Fridge, AC at your home.

Now, because of 5G, the device will be able to establish a better understanding of one other, also it will be able to share data. Indeed, 5G services will be beneficial to build smart cities and smart things then the security systems.

It’s time to Prepare Your Mobile App for 5G, Do not miss the global race.

With 5G, the Mobile Applications which is taking minutes to download will be available to you within a few seconds. Billions of devices will be connected due to the possibilities of Mobile App Development will be on a prime most scale. The world is moving at a rapid pace and not slowing anytime near, it might be a green flag for you too, to think beyond and understand the impact of your organization. Let's have closer look at, how you can Build Your Own App with the arrival of 5G in any time of mid-2019.

Cloud Computing Support

Software as a Service is having complete access on the desktop because of the access over the continuous and reliable internet network. There are a number of Mobile Apps and services that placate this theory on mobile, but it is not as rampant. However, cloud technologies will become widespread on mobile which means access will be open up to Mobile App Developers and Designers for such systems and platforms.

AI and Machine Learning 

The smart cars will be connected to a remote network and will have access to a massive quantity of data that includes processing from AI and ML-leading platforms to make the fly-decision. With the evolution of 5G and increased data rate, it is quite possible to interact with a huge amount of data, along with that the AI-powered App development will be at peak.

The cars of the new era are designed and intended to be highly connected along with the ‘Always On’ feature, there will be continuous data flow between car to the cloud and back. Compared to 4G, 5G is ready to upsurge the sustainable bandwidth of both data uplink as well as downlink. Said, Manu Saale, MD and CEO, Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India.

You can see the scenario, why ML and AI platforms can take advantage of an open connection and reliable wireless support. With 5G, App Creators will have even greater access to the opportunities.

Reliable Wireless Interactivity

4G and LTE are faster than 3G, but still, have setbacks. With mobile games, for instance, users still have to install a substantial data-package too. Because of this, the Mobile App Developers have to work in waiting periods for each app with the download process. Also, sometimes it is recommended to connect over a Wi-Fi networks only, which can hinder the availability.

However, once we have access to 5G networks, this can be eliminated. End-users always have to download more substantial data package, but yes, this can be done via mobile network as opposed to Wi-Fi. In addition, the downloads will complete much faster with more reliable support. Now, when it comes to creating an app, this will also change the way in which Mobile App Designer approaches similar problems.

More Device Connectivity

IoT is a popular and most emerging segment of the tech world. More devices connected, much accurate data you can get and the system will be much smarter and the 5G is capable of that. Consumers are now fond of a variety of technologies such as gadgets, wearable and sensors. Now that all can be easily connected to a device, thanks to more reliable support from 5G, Mobile App Development Companies will now have to tap in and take advantage of these new devices, to create a splendid user experience.

Ambient Computing

Ambience means where the surrounding or atmosphere is involved. Due to the increased power of 5G, ambient computing using wireless networks is possible. It involves the digital user experience that is much similar to the surrounding environment and conditions. That can be measured using a variety of sensors, detectors and technologies. Think about it, the wearables remain connected to 5G wireless communication networks and send the location data, biometrics, objects and nearby people. It can be simultaneously b connected to AI and ML systems to get on-the-fly analysis.

Now, App Developers will have access to the host of new opportunities, also, the option to deliver more reliable connectivity and 5G wireless support through the Mobile Apps.

Always-On Connectivity

5G is more reliable than the generations before it, also it is more capable. That means devices and hardware will have access to, which are less likely to disconnect from the network. This kind of always-on connectivity means the App Developers must take advantage of constant access - a more advanced ambient connectivity.

Imagine a Mobile App that is always connected to a server via a mobile network, and establishing a full duplex communication to share data of surrounding areas. An application such as Uber could allow you to see where and when cab drivers are located around major areas, in real-time.

Now look at the other possibility, you are checking in, to see if the local grocery shop is crowded? This could be possible through a Mobile App that reports a base centre using location data and situational information from data access points.

Wrapping Up:

5G is sophisticated wireless technology, we are about to experience by the mid of 2019. It will revolutionize the whole sphere where a wireless network can be used for secure and efficient communication. The socioeconomic impacts of 5G have yet to be analyzed. However, it will create a significant impact on each area where wireless transmission is inevitable. Usually, when you say, ‘Future is bright’ it is a figure of speech. Whereas in this case, Future is truly bright, more capable and reliable which will be a boon to all of the Mobile App Developers.