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RPOIndia is a US IT Staffing and RPO arm of Kunsh Technologies offering Offshore IT Recruiters and Recruitment Process Outsourcing services for US Staffing. We offer experienced IT and Non-IT US Recruiters and manged Recruitment and Staffing Services.

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RPO & US Staffing Services

RPOIndia is a US IT Staffing and RPO arm of Kunsh Technologies based in India offering dedicated
Offshore Recruiters and services into IT Staffing (Contingency Staffing / Temp Staffing and Permanent Recruitment), Resume Sourcing
and full lifecycle Recruiting for the US based staffing clients.

RPOIndia is a Recruitment Process Outsourcing firm based in India offering services into IT Staffing, Resume Sourcing, Back Office Support for Human Resources and Offshore Recruitment Services for the U.S.A. based staffing clients.
RPOIndia offers offshore recruiters and dedicated virtual recruiters from India which is a cost-effective solutions for
the US based staffing agencies as they get a recruiting talent at much lesser cost and increase profitability.

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