If you have an idea, business plan and sufficient industry experience, then the next challenge would be to look out for a talented and resourceful team of professionals to make your idea turn into an online business and that too within your budget. Many businesses think that having a website is quite enough to mark an online presence. However, they forget that having a website will be worthless until they get it designed to run on smartphones that too with a smooth web development. Betting on software outsourcing will surely be the best option for your concern; however, difficult is to find the right company to accomplish your company goals.

Many of us have heard many shocking and fearing stories about outsourcing. Hence, the only question comes in one’s mind that how someone can spend thousands of dollars on an IT campaign and get no results in hand. Earlier, people try searching on Google for some sources to get SEO and online marketing services. They just open Google and enter few keywords related to their business and go through a list of companies and choose the one that seems quite appropriate. The financial discussions were the deciding factor to choose the firm. However, the wrong choices sometimes let many of them get substantial number of failed projects.

web development failures

Here follows some steps to know what should not be hired:

Late Deliveries: You think that the outsourced team is working on your assignments dedicatedly; hence, they are late to deliver your projects. But the reality is that they are working on for several clients and on several projects and if they have delivered your project late, it means they are not giving sufficient time on it. Hence, do not allow your deadlines to be missed. Go ahead with your service company’s search.

Lack of Project Management: If the outsourced company has allocated the staff for your project, but no one is there to manage the projects, then there is no need of going further with them. Why to hire someone, if you have to manage your projects on your own? And that too in different time zones!

Lack of Requirements Understanding: It would feel absolutely weired if your team starts working on the project without actually understanding the complete project and you are getting a far different result that anticipated.

Inflexible Models of Engagement: Your business requirements will keep on changing; however, your software development outsourcing team should keep track of their tasks. If they don’t do so, then it will result into a disaster for sure.

Human Resources: If the hired company’s attrition rate is higher and the team working on your project keeps on changing frequently, it will affect your deadlines. So, change the company and opt for another one without wasting your time and money.

Lack of Confidentiality: Any violation of NDA and stealing the trade secrets are an offence. Better would be to find another destination instead of dealing with them.

Now, move on to some steps towards finding the best web development company:

Understand the Outsourcing Engagement Model of Your Company 

Other than a number of different engagement models, some of the methodologies are there to be adopted. Every business has different requirements. You would have to understand what your business wants. However, adopting Agile methodologies will give you an effective alternative to the traditional methods of project management. It is a unique way to manage IT projects and development teams.

Sources to find your Outsourcing Company

There are a number of sources from where you can search and find your next outsourcing team. Google Search is the primay step to look for the options of outsourcing. Online marketplaces is another option to go with.  A number of online marketplaces are there to acquire quality based IT services and such services are readily available to the businesses to make IT outsourcing more accessible as well as manageable.

Understand the Skills and Capabilities of the Company

It is a critical step to choose the right offshore team for your project. Your outsourcing partner should have the capabilities of bringing the best to their customers. Your outsourcing team should essentially have industry experience so that they can deliver you timely work and in the desired manner. You should check their working model and process of development. Also check what is the level of the communication and collaboration process with their clients and how they maintain the security and confidentiality matters with their partners.

Consultation and Analysing Requirements

Consultation or requirement analysis is highly important for a company with respect to their project management. This gives you a clear view of what are the project deliverables and what would be the scope of work according to which tasks are assigned. Consulting is done at the early phase to understand what your project specifications are, how to gather information and how to document the entire business requirements.

Sometimes, the conventional management tools and practices seem insufficient for addressing the business challenges. So, you would have to invest with a reputable IT service provider that can assess your needs along with offering a wide range of services in a cost-effective way.When choosing your web development partner be sure it’s someone with a proven track record of success in your industry or for your size of company

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