Android apps are the most popular apps in the market. The reason behind the popularity is its free to use model. Apps on the android platform are free and mostly rely on in-app purchases. 

Android has been the leader of the mobile OS market for quite a while. Last year, the Android OS had a 72.26% share of the mobile OS market. So, it is no wonder that most of the businesses are looking to hire android developers to develop mobile apps.

Last year the number of mobile app downloads amounted to 204 billion. So, most companies are seeking more android developers for hire to capitalize on the mobile app market.

With more business opportunities, e-commerce firms can make the most of the platform through mobile apps developed on android platforms. So, let us help you hire Android App Developers from the market, with the five most important aspects you should consider.

  1. Language Proficiency:

Android has been disruptive and has its own SDK (Software Development Kit) for developers to develop android apps. But, there are two prominent languages used by any android app development company.

  1. Java
  2. Kotlin

Java has been the choice of several businesses and developers over the years. But, the interoperability, easy syntax and ability to be used with Java code have made Kotlin a worthy choice. While you are looking to hire an android developer for your project, the first thing that comes on the checklist is language proficiency.

 2. App Architecture:

App architecture is the basis of any android app development. An android developer should be well-versed with the app architecture and how to build one from scratch according to the business logic?

An app architecture consists of several microservices that interact with the users through a packaged suite integrated into the system. This packaged suite of several microservices acting independently creates a unified response for user requests to the system.  Hiring an android developer that can leverage such app architecture for better user-interactions with the system can improve the user experiences.

3. User Interface:

What makes an app interesting for a user? It’s easy to use UI or user interface. A user interface is like a messenger that exchanges user requests and responses with actionable interaction for users. It can be also considered as a gateway to the system.

Any UI design needs expert insights into several key areas of mobile devices to design the natural placement of UI components. The famous three-button navigation in Android OS is an example of great UI.

While you are hiring an android developer, you should look to consider the capabilities of developers to integrate UI components into app architectures to create a seamless experience.

4. Database Management:

The most important thing in any mobile app development process is database management. Android platform is already changing the rules of database access with an update of Android 11 in 2020. So, if you are looking upon a mobile app development company for dedicated android developers, database management knowledge is a must for you to consider.

There are several cloud and database management tools that can be leveraged by android developers. Tools like MongoDB, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and several others offer DBMS solutions or are excellent database management systems that can be used for android development.

So, while you consider hiring an android developer based in India or anywhere in the world, you need to gauge the knowledge of this developer for DBMS. 

5. Hiring Models:

Many mobile app development companies offer dedicated developers for businesses on different hiring models. There are two major hiring models that are followed in the market. You can hire developers on an hourly basis, which is a sort of outsourcing model used for developers at the mobile app development companies to work on your projects from their respective sites.

Another popular hiring model is hiring dedicated Android developers for your projects. The benefit of hiring a dedicated developer is the kind of exclusivity it offers. You can hire a professional developer from an android development company, that can provide on-site assistance to your projects and provide dedicated development. But, the liability of the developer stays with a mobile app development company.

Hiring models also have other flexible options like outsourcing of entire projects. You can outsource entire android app development to mobile app development companies. Though, if you like to have complete control over your app development projects, you can always choose to have an offshore developer or dedicated developer for your projects.


Whether you choose a dedicated developer or an offshore android developer, mobile app development needs expert and professional developers. While it is easy to be lured to android developers offered at cheaper prices, the quality and knowledge still remain the driving factors for your hiring decisions.

Most of all if you are looking to grow your business to new heights with android development, reach out to us for dedicated or offshore android developers that can create state-of-the-art android apps for your business.

So, don’t let your competitors take advantage of a platform like Android when you can exploit it by hiring an android developer to stay ahead.