What makes you a perfect mobile app developer? Is it education, skills, or experience? No, it’s none of these! There are tons of companies which rigorously invest their time in providing mobile app development service to their clients.

What matters most is the client Satisfaction! Ultimately, to deliver the best app, one should not only focus towards new trends in application but also on what changes should be made in the existing one in order to give your client the best experience.

Every successful business understands the importance of customer feedback. They are willing to spend any amount of penny on research, surveys, and external agencies who collect feedback from the customers on their behalf.

But, if you have to collect feedback about your app, how effective is the data which is collected through third-party? And, how honest is the feedback received from the customers who are not directly giving it to you?  These are the few of the questions among many that can boggle your mind!

Moreover, it is enough if you are keeping a watch on the reviews and ratings submitted by your customers on the app stores. Indeed, you can’t ignore the reviews and ratings. But that won’t be enough.

One who owns apps companies needs an honest feedback from the users of the app. Without knowing what your users wants, you cannot correct the app, irrespective of your skills.

It is important to collect feedback inside your app; else users can spoil your reviews on the app stores. And, users venting their anger on public forums can cost you prospective business.

Moreover, your competitors will take advantage of negative feedback about you on play stores.

For all the reasons mentioned above, in-app feedback collection is essential.

Read further to know the most effective ways to get mobile app feedback.   

  • In-App Form

The most common and conventional way of getting app feedback is through the in-app feedback form. These forms can be used to collect comprehensive information on a variety of app-related factors. 

To increase the effectiveness of an in-app form, it should include very concise, easy to understand, and relevant questions. Most of the app development companies have in-app form questions. Those questions must be rating and grading based so that the user can fill the form conveniently from his mobile phone.

But, make sure that the questions are optional and the user is allowed to submit the form without filling the parts that they don’t want to. You must never force feedback on the customers!

However, you can include an option, “Tell us more about your experience, we will work over it” for those users who would like to share detailed feedback about your app because mobile app developers are always in the forte of obtaining reviews.

  • In-App Chat

The best feedback in mobile application business is obtained while the user encounters a problem and needs help at soonest.

An in-app chat is a perfect way to interact with the users in real-time. Instant interaction also ensures that the user precisely tells you about the problem. With delayed feedback, you do not get accurate information, as the user would have forgotten the main issue, or remembers only a part of it.

You can also use high-quality live chat software for adding live interactions with your customers.

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  • In-App Surveys

Timing is the most prominent factor in user feedback collection. The best way to know whether a feature is working as desired is to collect feedback from the user, immediately after he has used it.

In-app surveys are an excellent way to ask the user how he feels using your app and its features.

The best trick used by mobile app development companies for in-app survey is that they use minimum number of questions, preferably one or two. And, along with it the user is asked regarding the changes to improve the app.

  • In-App Social Links

Who doesn’t use social media? So, when your app users are on social media, you should take your feedback through social media. App Development Agencies can create their spark in market using Social Media the most powerful tool of this era!

Businesses need social media feedback. Does it mean that you can expect the customers to search your social media profiles, start following you, and post feedback for you? Believe me; they will not do all that.

So, you will have to make it easy for your customers to contact you through social media easily. In-App Social media links just do that. Though the biggest challenge is to put your links easily visible and accessible for the customers. But I know you can do that! 

Along with Social media channels, one can take interests in Digital Marketing to promote their business.

  • In-App Feature Requests

The user requirements should obviously come directly from the user. If the user himself tells you what he wants from your app, you won’t have to research for gathering this information. Involvement of the user in the application is must for all the app development companies.

Moreover, you can be sure that your app has all the features expected from it. In-app feature requests are also a form of feedback, asking the user what your app lacks and what should be added.

In addition to the above, it helps you timely upgrade your app before your competitors do.

Wrapping Up

Even after the completion of mobile app development, app developers are not sure about the customers whether they will like it or not. And, this increases the chances of failure when the app is launched. So, it is crucial to get feedback from your customers.

Here are the best practices in gathering app feedback. To fulfil the needs in most of the in-app feedback, you will find ready to use tools that are easy to integrate. Else you can get your customized in-app feedback tools developed from the top app developers.  

Don’t forget to share if you have tried any other unique practices that have worked for collecting user feedback for your mobile app.