The Internet today has become an intricate platform for the global technological launches, advancements and universally sought market for everything. With a single touch, one could easily avail world-class facilities straight away. But it takes plenty of complicated codes and brainpower to develop and enhance the online experience.

WordPress Outsourcing plays a crucial role in building a smooth platform for such launches. It provides a safe method to design and launch web search engines for several sites. The design and core-structure are so created that it boosts the productivity of the website. Nowadays, the Internet sees a comprehensive set of successful sites launching through the means of WordPress.

WordPress at first was a blogging platform, but it’s easy to use methodology elevated its position in the virtual world. Presently WordPress is the topmost Content Management System, and WordPress Development has become the latest choice for several enthusiasts. The leading quality which makes it stand out of the lot is that it doesn’t require any complex command or private data, one has to enter his domain along with the hosting service.

The HTML to WordPress theme of the system allows it to perform these functions very smoothly. Easy-going nature of the language and permalinks enables its theme to alter its behavior as per the requirement of the user.

Apart from these, WordPress also offers several personalization options to its users. Those who are planning to host a website can give a personal touch with several themes available. One can easily design and reconstruct the presentation of his web content by the mere installation of the themes and switch his choices anytime as well. With WordPress, one can perform several beneficiary functions for the productivity of his website in the marketing field. Options such as Search Engine Optimization and Client portals are some of its queer features. One can also add new pages, comments and reply to the existing comments in addition to the stats view.

However, there are several malwares and malpractitioner who often target these WordPress sites for their benefit. They attack the pre-existing website and hampers with the sites’ vulnerable data and statistics. Practices like these are rather common, and several sites are down because of these ill-practices. Hence, it is often advised to protect the authenticity of the users’ website. One can protect their target sites by using safety measures such as a strong password generation and a security plugin against Brute Force Softwares. You can also change the default wp-admin URL for extended security.

But the prime concern remains; Where to avail such facilities?

WordPress eases half of this issue by enabling this facility of Two Factor Authentication to protect and keep your sensitive data and web engine safe. WordPress Development enables a code- protected two-way authentication. The site sends a unique code to the phone number of the real user to verify and complete the login process. A wide range of web services has manifested the facility in their sites, but if you still lack a genuine authenticator, the Google Authenticator App is your answer. It is the most popular choice among the users for the security of your site and its content.


Adding Google Two Way Authenticator to WordPress is an easy task. But to those who are new in this area, it can be a tough job. Given below is a step-by-step elaboration of the process required to add Google Two Way Authenticator to WordPress to make the task much more comfortable.


From the WordPress Dashboard, download the Google Authenticator via the ‘Install Now’ plugin.


Click on the Activate Plugin option at the bottom.


Click the User option from the Your Profile icon of the Dashboard.


Scroll down to the Google Authenticator Settings and tick off the checkbox for ‘Active’.


Fill all the suitable descriptions and then avail the QR Code.

After following these five steps, your Google Authenticator App would start functioning and to use these functions click on the ‘Pen’ at the upper right of the Dashboard for editing and then scan the QR code obtained earlier by clicking on the ‘Plus’ at the bottom.

Your WordPress Authenticator is ready for the action and can be checked by logging out and re-logging again. The login window would require an additional one-time generated code along with your User ID and Password.

After the final checking, your WordPress is secured with the protection of the Google Authenticator App.

Seeing Off:

Now, in the end, cautious and approachable behavior is expected from the users’ part. As the passwords and codes can be quickly circulated when left without further thorough approach from the owner. It is always advisable to use your human senses along with these machine-generated security services for the extended protection. No code or app would protect your sensitive information and content without your alert senses at their assistance.