One of the popular PHP mvc frameworks – best known as ‘Laravel’ has been evolved around 6 years back. From then, it has been highly used for speeding up the development process among the IT industries. The simple and elegant syntax pattern, secure authentication mechanism, schema builder and database migration tools and many more exceptional features make Laravel the best among all PHP frameworks.

PHP is a quite dynamic language and involvement of Laravel has made it simple yet powerful. Already its 14 versions ohave been made available  to the users and the latest version 5.5 released in August 2017 is also taking the web-world by storm. Though, there has been only 6 years since it entered the market, it has already brought about several advancements to the entire PHP community. Every new version update discloses some new features to the Development professionals making it much easier to accomplish their development activities. The best thing with this framework is that it undertakes security issues quite seriously. In fact, the purpose of evolution of this framework is to strengthen the security, speeding up database migration without data loss along with making the entire process of web application creation process an easier one.

laravel php framework

If you want to know more, here follows certain benefits of Laravel framework:

  • MVC Support and Clean Documentation: Laravel facilitates organised, clean and easily understandable documentation. Here supported the Model View Controller architecture to help in bringing a variety of built-in functions to choose from a better architecture for development.
  • Composer Feature: Composer dependency feature is used in PHP laravel framework for installing and upgrading different third-party packages. With this feature, the developers can easily manage all the required dependencies instantly. For all the developers, such feature is very important to use to create applications of all sizes.
  • Internal Templates: Blade, a lightweight but powerful templatign engine is used in Laravel framework for optimal performance. This templating engine is pre-installed in the framework, where the blade templates are compiled into plain PHP and cached for giving best performance.
  • Libraries – Object Oriented: Laravel is the only php framework that includes different pre-installed libraries. The authentication library is the most popular and useful among all different libraries on such framework. IT comprises very advanced features for login as well as database securities. However, routing, user authentication, HTTP authentication and login throttling are some of the main authentication features. Point to note is that Laravel comprises more than 20 high level pre-installed libraries.
  • Database Migrations: Usage of Laravel does not requires you to replicate the database for every changes you make. Hence, the chances of losing data remain minimum. This way, the database migration processes rapidly as well as securely.
  • Direct Testing: Laravel considers usual mistakes that generally happens while programming and so it helps the programmers a lot. All the new updates of the applications go through the unit testing tool saving the development time, personal stress and project money of the developers.

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