Mexico’s programmer, Miguel de Icaza seems to be overjoyed about the Xamarin and the way it is ruling the Cross-development world like a boss.

Xamarin is becoming a fascinating vendor. Xamarin is used by more than 20{4ce454ca368db5bdea9cb303ce6c6bfa78ce6f80d4faa27e62011f058bfbb2c9} of the fortune 500 companies. Xamarin shares a deep connection with Microsoft. Mobile app development world is fragmented across the number of platforms and devices. Building Native apps for each mobile ecosystem starting from iOS, Android and Windows are quite a time-consuming process. Businesses across the globe are becoming smarter day by day and expanding fraction by fraction. To drive businesses across the seven seas, they are choosing the smartest option of cross platform app development. As it is cost-effective, low maintenance and a faster way of development.

There is the number of cross platform app development tools that came to existence from the past couple of years, now the question is which platform is the best and much suitable to develop a perfect mobile apps. If you ask this question to our highly experienced and dedicated team of Mobile app developers. You will get a loud and clear answer – Xamarin.

Xamarin –  best Cross Platform App Development tool that truly stands out. It provides ease to the developers when it comes to delivering native UI and better performance for Android, iOS, and Windows at the same time. Let’s take you to the answers to your deep-rooted questions. That how Xamarin makes the development seamless and proficient for the businesses.


What really makes Xamarin standout from Other Cross-Platforms App Development

Xamarin is a different platform, as it supports single programming language. The runtime libraries and class that not only work across as being the native language of  windows platform but it also works for other two platforms, iOS, and Android. Each mobile app development platforms has a set of features and number of various type of ability to write a native application. For example, some of the platforms allow the application to be developed in HTML and Javascript, on the other hand, some of them worked on low-level platforms and allows C and C++. Also, a handful of them does not even use the native toolkit.

What makes Xamarin unique for all of the above is that it integrates all cogency of the comprehensive features and native platforms, Such as

  • Xamarin has an absolute binding for almost the whole underlying platform SDK of both iOS and Android. Moreover, the bindings are strong, means we can navigate them and can be easily used. As a result, the output is strong, error-less and high-quality apps.
  • Xamarin provides the facility of invoking directly C, C++ and Java libraries, Which allows being empowered upon a wide range of pre-built codes. In addition, Xamarin has the binding projects that enable us to simply develop C and native Java libraries using the declarative syntax.
  • Xamarin uses C#, a Modern language. It has noticeable features than traditional Objective C and Java, Such as Constructors, Parallel programming and much more.
  • Here comes the most exciting feature of Xamarin, all the apps are written and share about 90{4ce454ca368db5bdea9cb303ce6c6bfa78ce6f80d4faa27e62011f058bfbb2c9} of the code, to all the platforms i.e. Android, iOS and Windows. Now, it can reduce both the cost and time for the  entire mobile app development.
  • Xamarin is using Modern IDEs: For windows – it is a Visual studio, For Mac OSx – it is Xamarin Studio. Both of these are the great integrated development environments that are fully rich with all the features such as Management system, Code auto-completion, integrated controls and much more.
  • Xamarin while building app uses the .NET (Base Class Library) BCL. It is a wide collection of class, contains features like Powerful XML, Database, input/output and so on. Apart from this, the C# programming language can be compiled to be used in the application that provides access to many libraries. Libraries provide the things that were not covered in previous (Base Class Library) BCL.

Xamarin Framework has a number of elements that help us develop a splendid app for both the iOS and Android. Such as C# programming language, .NET framework, Powerful Compiler, and Modern IDEs.

Xamarin App Developers can code once and deploy on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows using only programming language C# and only one IDE. This approach is more important when your business wants to cover all type of mobile app users. For cross platform app development, Xamarin offers a complete access to the native APIs in iOS, Andriod and Windows platforms. The API saves time and efforts that developers have to put for a quick and successful launch to the virtual marketplace. Gradually it became the 1st choice for those businesses who want to cover multiple mobile app platforms.

Using Xamarin we can write multiple codes for all native app platforms – Which is beneficial. It helps you reach many people across the globe without any barriers. However, the cost remains nearly the same. The code can be copied and developers can build a new function that makes the wonderful UI and render native UX.

Wrapping Up:

Xamarin is one of the most robust tools as a cross platform app development. Using Xamarin, developers around the corner can build Android, iOS and Windows apps at the same time, using the same IDE. Kunsh Technologies the leading Xamarin App Development Company is the perfect choice as it offers a rapid development with competitive rate and that too based on your requirements.