There are a few things that you will need to make sure to make the most out of social followers and the Instagram platform. Most businesses do not know about these and think that Instagram itself will deliver the results as they desire.

Well, on the contrary, Instagram will only help you to achieve your results with its useful features and innovative tools. It is all up to you as to how you will make the best use of it, the social media platform as well as your social followers.

Yes, in Digital Marketing Instagram can be the most valuable channel for most of the businesses but it all depends on the businesses as to how they use it without making any mistakes, common or unusual.

  • This will make sure that you get the optimal benefits of your social followers and social media marketing efforts in the best possible way.
  • You will then be able to out the Instagram followers for your marketing benefits which have now surpassed the 1 billion mark.

With such a magnanimous number of users, this platform has not surprisingly become the crucial marketing channel for most of the e-commerce businesses as well as others to consider.

Not Getting the Desired Results

Using Instagram will not guarantee that you will get the desired results. While some businesses are getting things done rightly and driving a significant amount of sales through Instagram, there are others who are floundering with it and scratching their heads wondering what actually went wrong.

If your business is falling short in terms of the results derived, then consider it is time to ask a few questions to yourself to find out what is wrong with your Instagram marketing efforts.

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Whether or Not A Proper Channel

First, make sure that Instagram is just the right channel for your business. Given the fact that there are various social media and marketing channels out there today, it may be really overwhelming for any business owners today to find out exactly which of these social media channels they should focus on their marketing efforts. Ideally, it should be the one that will:

  • Drive more organic traffic to your site
  • Generate more sales and
  • Provide you with a meaningful ROI.

In order to find out whether or not Instagram is the right channel for you, you should know first that Instagram is the right channel only for those businesses that pertains to lifestyle and products that can be shown through pretty pictures. It will work great for those consumers’ verticals such as:

  • Fashion
  • Beauty products and
  • Travel.

That means if you are more of an enterprise SaaS business or a B2B company, Instagram may not be the right channel for your business to drive more traffic and sales.

In short, Instagram is not the right channel for any business if it does not have the right audience for you. However, you can use this platform for creating brand awareness or for customer engagement exercise, but do not be disheartened if you do not see the desired results.

A Feed is not Shoppable

Assuming that your business is definitely an apt one for Instagram and you are still not getting the desired results, you may then be making some mistakes in your marketing approaches. In order to find out the mistakes and rectify them, start with finding out whether or not your Instagram feed is shoppable.

This is ideally one of the biggest frustrations for any business especially when it is trying to sell on Instagram early on. This is due to the fact that Instagram does not allow posting a clickable link to products alongside the photos that are posted.

However, recently there are a few new tools added to it such as the product tagging tool that is making it much easier for the retailers to sell their products and the consumers to buy it.

That means e-commerce platforms are now able to send their customers to a product page on their website directly from an Instagram photo.

The Number of Conversion Steps

If you find that there are too many steps to conversion, it may also be a significant hindrance to your Instagram marketing efforts. If you want more social followers to your site then it is elementary that you reduce these steps by a significant margin keeping it to the couple, ideally.

Find out whether or not:

  • Your product photo is impeccably product tagged
  • It contains the right hashtags if any and
  • It is easy for customers to check out.

If you want to sell things online then the main rule to follow is to make sure that your customers do not start to fall off simply because there are too many fields in the form to sign up or too many clicks to make from the start to finish of any purchase.

Preferably, you should have a one-click like Amazon to ensure success. This will play a significant role because Instagram is mainly experienced on mobile and here the customers typically have less patience and much smaller screens.

This means that you will really have to consider things from the perspective of the consumer to ensure that it is easy for them to browse, buy and checkout from your Instagram page.

All About Sales

Instagram is a social media platform where users are allowed to look into the lifestyles of other people, be inspired by powerful images and even laugh at the funny memes. That means before it is a shopping platform; it is essentially a social platform.

Make sure that you keep it that way and do not make your posts look like it is all about sales. If you do so then you will irk our customers and they will soon unfollow you and fall off. Therefore, make sure that you include photos and messages that speak about your brand. Use imagination and creativity to make it funny even a bit never makes it look too salesy.

These approaches will ensure that you have larger social followers to your account and traffic to your site.