Enormous amount of apps I have seen coming in and going out of the Google Play Store. Not every app appeals the users and if it does not appeals them, immediately it gets uninstalled. However, the things are quite different for the Muzical – A Music Scheduler App.

This music scheduling platform has proved to be amazing for the music lovers. Of course, this new music app fulfills all the requirements of being an interesting and appealing platform to the users that has numerous engaging features.

It is much better than simple boring alarms and can be used for scheduling music for the specified time or event when you want to be notified for something. So, it serves for two purposes simultaneously. One is to act as an alarm scheduler, another as a music player. Also, you can make as many playlists as you want for the end number of songs from different song folders available in your mobile phone’s music folder.

I got to know about this very good music app few days later when it was about to launch. I had some news that any such kind of music scheduler app is on its way to launch by Kunsh Technologies some days later and after a week only the app was made live. I have not just installed the app on my Android Smartphone, but have also suggested it to my friends and other family members as well.

music scheduler app

Frankly speaking, I am a working woman having end number of responsibilities of my work as well as home. I have to look after my kids, my husband, my household activities and my job all together. Struggling with various responsibilities all through the day, when I go to have a good night sleep, it simply becomes impossible to wake up early in the morning without an alarm clock.

This music scheduler fulfills all this responsibility well. It is far better than the boring alarm clocks or mobile alarms. It plays my favorite audio music to wake me up and be ready for the workout and it keeps playing the playlist continuously till I start my workout session.

Hence, I feel it is much better than the web music playing where more bandwidth is required to play the audios for that continuous span of time. Nobody can beat you if you had the finest and cheerful morning and when your free music app is there to make you listen to your favorite music anytime.

This MP3 music scheduler app comprises numerous amazing features that will surely be loved by any music lover. The best thing is the lightweight feature of the app. Though, it doesn’t work online, it doesn’t even need a big space in your phone memory. A 2MB app can be downloaded simply and installed in your phone quickly to use.

It is one of the best free music app in the Google Play Store that has reported the highest number of downloads within a small time period only. Constantly rising number of user reviews are the valid proof of its growing popularity.

It works automatically to play, pause, eject, reverse, forward the songs. Automatic activation and deactivation is also facilitated for the song based alarms for whatever time it is needed.

Muzical – latest music app is much far away from all the complications of app handling that generally happens with other apps. You can set the tracks in your playlist according to different moods and styles and play accordingly. I have set bhajans in the morning, love songs while cooking and gazals during the night when I spend the most precious time with my family. It has proved to be the best among all of my music apps.

The background song play facility is also the best feature. It doesn’t consume much of battery of my phone when I simply keep the music ‘on’ while doing something. The friendly user interface makes you feel easier to navigate all throughout the app and its design really appeals the users a lot.

When I was looking for some kind of music schedulers, I got many online versions of different kinds of apps. But, I wanted the one that can work even when I am far away from the internet facility. Online music apps may have at least 1% of possibility to virus threats and malfunctions, even though you have used good kind of antivirus system. Why to take risk then? Better you listen to music offline through the Muzical Scheduler App to remain care free.

Download all new MuziCal 2.0 with more features.

One the whole, it the best music app you can rely on.