Do you want to sell your products right from Facebook or Instagram? Then sit back and relax! The new Social Commerce is here!

Facebook introduced a new form of eCommerce with Facebook Shops. The global small business community was going through huge turmoil due to the recent pandemic. Facebook Shops can be that change they were looking for. This new paradigm of social commerce will change the very dynamics of online shopping.

According to a survey by the SMB group, 38% of companies with employee count between 1 and 19 are the worst-hit businesses due to COVID-19. Facebook Shops can be that ray of hope which can help such businesses.

Facebook is a popular platform. It has more than 2 billion monthly active users and 1.73 billion daily active users. So, think of the impact it can have on your business. It is the sole reason why Facebook Shops will simply be a game changer!

Facebook has been already working on such a social-commerce platform for quite a while now. We saw glimpses of it in the famous Facebook Marketplace, where local businesses could showcase their products through posts on their pages.

With Facebook Shops, the social media platform is ready to introduce a complete integration of eCommerce platforms with its social network. So, let’s understand how Facebook shops work?

How Facebook Shops will work?

Facebook Shops will be accessible on both Facebook and Instagram. Any business with a Facebook or Instagram profile will be able to create a storefront for their business on the social media platforms.

Businesses can choose product images from the catalogs and create storefronts. They will have customization options. You can add cover images and choose accent colors for your featured products. The products that you choose to feature are accessible to millions of Facebook and Instagram users. These featured products will display in a unique tile format. 

Your consumers can find your products easily through the native apps of Facebook or Instagram. They don’t have to leave the app for placing an order. They can directly place an order from the eCommerce store linked to a Facebook business page or a business app.

Initially, Facebook is aligning with some eCommerce partners like WooCommerce, Shopify, CahneelAdvisor, CedCommerce, Cafe24, and others. It will help businesses on these platforms to directly link their businesses websites to link with Facebook. So, getting a professional WordPress Development Company for WooCommerce is not a bad idea. Similarly, you can hire expert Shopify developers to create Shopify stores.

Now, that we know how Facebook Shops will work, let’s get to know about Instagram Shops!

How will Instagram Shops help you?

Instagram Shops will help your business with a storefront that is more interactive. It will have great features. Instagram will introduce consumers to browsing categories. The categories will be according to the niche of the market.

There will be separate categories for beauty, makeup, apparel, and other such product niches. The platform will also provide relevant filters for consumers to search for products from their favorite brands, designers, and even celebrities.

It will introduce a separate tab for Instagram Shops. Initially, consumers can use @Shop to find their favorite brands. Instagram will tag products from their categories and other collections to make them accessible to consumers. The Instagram Shop tab will help businesses to create storefronts with features like a checkout.

We are now familiar with how they will work? But, let’s understand some amazing things it has to offer for your business!

Important Features Of Facebook Shops:

Easy To Use:

Now, you don’t need to worry about maintaining your eCommerce storefronts. Facebook Shops are easy to set up and maintain. You don’t need any technical expertise. All you need is great product images and a well-maintained eCommerce website.

You can easily create a store with complete customization on Facebook that will work across platforms like Instagram and Whatsapp. Facebook is also planning to integrate Whatsapp with Facebook Shops.

Free To Setup:

Facebook Shops are free. You don’t need to pay for any of the features. Facebook will not charge any transaction fees on sales done through these social-commerce platforms. However, Facebook may take advantage of its advertising platform for revenues from Facebook Shops.

Live Shopping:

Facebook and Instagram Live has been used by many brands, designers and businesses to showcase their products. Some firms even choose these platforms to have a live event for new product launches. Facebook Shops and Instagram Shops will revolutionize these live feeds.

The platform is planning to introduce product tabs in live feeds. Now, brands can tag a product on their Facebook page before going live with it. So, the platform will automatically add a tab of product at the bottom of the live feed with no more and buy buttons.

So, consumers can simultaneously watch live feeds of a product and buy them right from the streaming page. It will completely change the shopping experience. Companies will have a great advantage with such live shopping features.

Store Customizations:

It will offer greater customizations for your Facebook Shops. You can decide the products that you want to feature, change theme color, and many more. Most importantly, you can make instant changes to your eCommerce websites from these storefronts.

With eCommerce platforms like Shopify offering features like dedicated Facebook channels, businesses will have ease of maintaining the website as well as the storefront. It will enable small businesses with eCommerce websites to provide a more comprehensive mobile experience to their customers.

Signing Off:

As we head towards a more challenging scenario, where we are unlocking the market amidst a virus scare, we need more mobile-solutions. Small businesses around the world will be able to grapple with the shortcomings of revenues through lockdowns with more consumers. There are more than 3.5 billion smartphone users. So, getting your business on mobile devices should be your priority. 

Even if you choose a Facebook Shop to get more business, having an app created through a professional app development company can boost your revenues. So, stop holding back and embrace the social-commerce paradigm for business growth!

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