Android app development companies create best android based applications to benefit your business enterprise. These applications are loaded with some extraordinary user-friendly features under latest technology and incur minimum cost.

Majority of reliable android app development firms utilize the advanced technological solutions and app trends to meet the desired needs of their clients. The android developer they hire are skilled in native programming languages for development purpose like Java & Kotlin or hybrid programming languages like ionic, reactjs and flutter.

Android App Development Services

Today, enterprises and individuals are seeking custom android app development services for their startups and businesses to get maximum engagement of their users in an effective manner.

If you are also looking for a true partner to get an expert service on mobile technology that is absolutely crucial for all startups, small and large scale businesses, then you should definitely take your business online (if not yet) and search for a reliable android applications development company who can take your business to the next level with developing a classy app to your users.

The reason for choosing android is that the majority of smartphone and smart device users prefer android as their operating platform. The best android app development company will deliver the android technology expertise that is necessary for your app development project. The services these companies provide help the businesses to improve their operational efficiencies and cost structure and remain technologically competitive.

Kunsh technologies is among those top-notch firms that offer exceptional android development solutions for different verticals of the app industry like social media, gaming, sports, travel, healthcare, utility, lifestyle, education, entertainment and so on.

Professional app developers are experts and efficient enough to provide services related to android specific design to OS customization. This widely used mobile operating system also owns a complex ecosystem with a wide range of smartphones, of different dimensions, form factors and manufacturers.

The custom based android app development services at Kunsh Technologies are supported by best-in-class Android architectural standards to build scalable and sustainable android based applications to be used in multiple devices.

Here follows the most sought after services related to android development at Kunsh Technologies which is the most reliable android app development company Ahmedabad:

  • UX/UI design specific to Android
  • Native App Development on Android platform
  • Xamarin and PhoneGap based Hybrid App Development
  • Android Operating System Customization
  • Samsung Knox Implementation
  • Widget Development Services on Android
  • Launchers App Development on Android
  • Porting/Redesigning of Android app
  • Android App Testing and Automation
  • Android Support, Maintenance & Optimization

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The unique android app development process on which Kunsh Technologies rely starts with conceptualizing the things to release and submit the app in the Play Store.

  1. The app idea is first discovered followed by research and analysis related to business requirements, tech feasibility and app monetization.
  2. User Interface and User Experiences are then designed including concept design, IA, Wire-Frames, UI Design and Micro-interactions.
  3. The app architecture involves defining MVC modules, creating frameworks and reusable components, defining network layer, UI layer and database layer.
  4. The intermediate release service involves continuous integration, test flight, ad hoc release, beta testing and feedback incorporation.
  5. Absolute quality assurance is given over unit, functional, usability, integration and performance testing on actual devices.
  6. The app development facilitations include UI and functional development, integration, backend development, unit testing, code review and retrospective reviews.
  7. App readiness comes after confirming app information, app submission checklist, app visual review, video, icon, screenshots and app store optimization is done.
  8. After receiving app store approval over the assessments, app submission and distribution, app transfer assessment, post approval testing, Custom B2B, MDM and Enterprise Distribution solutions are facilitated.
  9. Post launch services include, user engagement support, actionable analytics, monitor crashes, app marketing support, optimization and continuous improvement are facilitated.

Tools and Technologies

In Kunsh technologies, native Android SDK technology is used for the android app development projects where native and hybrid packages and absolute support libraries are provided as per the Google Android Development Kit. The IDE or Android Studio is used for developing Android based applications that are hosted under the Google Android Developer program. Our all facilitations are towards implementing the creation of robust and concrete applications for improving user experience and efficiency.

The technologies and tools we use in this regard include:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Android Studio
  • Flurry
  • Xamarin
  • Knox
  • Jiira
  • SQ Lite
  • Eclipse

At Kunsh technologies, we breathe for Android app development and it is our strength. We have worked on almost every Android OS version and we work hard for developing custom native and hybrid apps for the android devices. Connect to our directly mail service and enquire what we can do for you.