Artificial Intelligence has become a hot topic of exploration and growth in the business world today. Trendsetters in the mobile app development world arena are always on the outlook to bring new features in mobile apps. AI is helping developers make a cut-throat competition by creating amazing UI in their apps.

According to Statista, by the year 2025, the global market for Artificial Intelligence will exceed $89 billion. When it comes to improving user engagement and business growth, AI has proven to be very handy. The solutions this technology is bringing is helping us gear up and understand the user engagement based on user behavior patterns. 

Let’s see how Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing mobile app development world.

#1: Extract User Data

AI is more than smart technology. Of course, it’s being used for solving complex issues that were hard to resolve in the past. It’s proving to be very useful in decreasing the gap between users and businesses. One of the best things about this technology is its ability to extract insights about your users for attaining the output you desire. Here’s how it can help:

  • Dig user information
  • Fix behavioral pattern issues
  • Analyze user data pattern
  • Draw insights about users

#2: Better Conversions

Text and voice have been used to search for information for a long time. Often, you come across a situation where you know what you want to buy but you have forgotten its name, and you don’t know how to find it either. Visual search is at your service!

A few months ago, I was planning to upgrade my Internet bundle but I couldn’t remember the name of the package one of my friends suggested. After days of research, we finally remembered the name. It was the Spectrum Select package. Although visual search might not be useful here, I wish AI could bring a solution to help users remember stuff.  

Here’s what visual search means. It helps you find what you are looking for even if you don’t have the right description for it. Our smartphones are the Launchpad of this technology. A great example of that is the Google lens. Along with voice recognition, developers must develop image recognition systems in their apps too. Such apps that support the visual search feature will have better conversion rates.

#3: Automated Reasoning

It’s another puzzle of Artificial Intelligence that can supercharge the world of mobile app development. It’s one step ahead of using AI for analyzing user behavior patterns.

Automated reasoning creates problem-solving abilities. Through this technique, the app uses logical reasoning for solving complex problems like equations, puzzles, and theorems. This means in the future; AI has the potential to become the master of stockbroking and even ad buying.

#4: Face Recognition

AI face recognition technology is very effective in diagnosing diseases, examining patients and even validating parking. Most companies have already successfully built a system that uses AI face recognition. But how can face recognition be used in mobile apps? Here‘s what the future holds:

  • In marketing, facial recognition could be used to ensure that kids are not exposed to unsuitable ads. The app could recognize the facial traits of the person viewing the screen. This way, companies could showcase their ads to an audience that falls within a certain age group.
  • Face recognition is already being used to recognize fraud. Once this technology becomes common, it will replace the need for entering passwords to access accounts and who knows what else.
  • In the medical world, computer vision and machine learning are used together for tracking medication consumption to offer support for managerial tasks.

#5: Personalization

One trick that would ensure your app succeeds is to make it deliver impeccable content consistently so that customers stay connected. Personalization brought by AI would allow app developers to understand the rationale behind user decisions when they use their app.

As a developer, you would be able to create a feature in the app that makes suggestions based on what your clients love. For instance, if they had shopped for 100 Mbps Internet in the past, the AI algorithm will give them suggestions regarding providers that sell the said Internet speed. This type of AI strategy can be used by any business to up-sell its content. By taking the viewer’s opinion or choices into account, experts can also use AI for generating content that users are interested in.

Big data can be combined with AI to continue producing content that wows the audience. Personalization is one of the features that can be really useful in the retail business. Retailers could use AI apps for producing clothes that appeal to the buyers based on their buying behavior and past shopping experiences. These days, offering personalized content to your audience is no longer a choice. It has become the need of the business which cannot be ignored.

#6: Voice-Based Search 

Consumers are already using voice assistants and they would like voice-based search in apps they use daily. An app that takes voice commands and does whatever you want it to sounds amazing, right? Research by ComScore says that in 2020, 200 billion searchers/mo will be done using voice assistants. This would make the market for voice search worth more than $50 billion per year.

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#7: Better Predictive Reply

A plain mobile app cannot understand the language of a user but an app with AI can. Here, the concept of predictive reply comes into play.

A predictive reply refers to communication between the user and the device. When a user sends a message, AI understands it and responds to it. At the back end, it extracts information from the user data and determines the current state to predict the outcome. Google has introduced predictive reply technology in its Gmail app. It’s called the smart reply which uses AI neural networks for sending appropriate responses to the emails.

Gmail has also integrated machine learning to analyze emails and recommend responses. This is helpful during fast chatting, making it easier for customers and brands to resolve the query in question. The chatbot interacts with the user but the experience feels real.

#8: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 

AI and Machine Learning in combination are great for dealing with enormous user data and digging insights. Machine Learning provides efficient, reliable, cost-effective and prompt decision-making solutions for data-driven affairs. For example, AI and ML infused mobile apps can help doctors monitor patient health better. Doctors can also dig personal data based on the user’s profile to cure anomalies.

Studies and research say that more and more companies will adopt Artificial Intelligence and ML to increase their sales. These two technologies are also helping businesses approach towards better marketing decisions to increase user engagement and sales.

Final Words

Smartphone users are being privileged with the kind of apps produced using Artificial Intelligence. AI is growing across different fields of businesses at an overwhelming rate. Those businesses that have infused AI and ML in their apps are at a significant advantage against their competitors. It’s also a great way of achieving traction and engagement with users.

AI will gain ground in our daily lives via mobile app development services very soon. We can expect future AI platforms for working and consolidating different mobile interactions.