The worldwide considered – PHP is a server side language. It is simple as well as efficient to use.

PHP Technology is used among Joomla, WordPress and many other CMS platforms as their basic programming language.

However, it could be confusing to choose the best framework for your project, but a number of PHP based frameworks make you get the best solution indeed. But, you have to think over what type of framework you need and which would work best for you.

Basically, PHP stands for ‘PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor’, where the word ‘preprocessor’ covers the changes happen before the creation of the HTML page. The language helps in converting the static web page into the dynamic web page utilizing the capacity of interaction with the databases. The language – PHP is most commonly used to develop web-based software applications. However, its usage is not just limited to the web development processes and it can also be used to develop GUI applications. As per NetCraft reports, more than 250 million websites are successfully running over PHP.

Why PHP Framework is Effective

When you are looking for a right framework for your development project, you should be sure of how efficient it should be and with what facility chosen framework comes. Not all development frameworks come with the similar offerings i.e. similar database support, communities and an easily follow-able user guide.

However, it would work extremely fine if you are looking for something that is really very simple. On the other hand, if you come up with a PHP frameworkthe best one to chose, you get a variety of advantages and options coming along with it.

Points need to keep in mind while choosing the right Framework for Development

Database Support the Database

This covers a very significant aspect. The framework chosen depends upon the database you prefer using for your project in hand. In fact, you will also be required to consider whether this database type is supported by your database server. For example, the Kohana framework does not supports SQLite, or Oracle that are supported by CodeIgniter

Support from the Community

There should be a strong community of your framework. It shouldn’t be strong in terms of size, but in terms of helpfulness and activity. Even if the community is smaller, if you are able to get the support that usually is obtained from the community of PHP Developers, you will get an added Advantage.

Support for Documentation

It is highly advised to remain far away from the frameworks that come with no user manuals or documentation. Your PHP Framework should have excellent documentation that requires one to have the user guide that can updates timely and can be easily followed by the users.

MVC Architecture

Your framework should essentially use the Model View Controller architecture. Majority of the good frameworks also find the plug-ins, libraries, extensions and helpers. Moreover, finding a framework that comprises at least two of such options is highly important to select the best framework.

Importance of PHP Framework

As it is known well, PHP Framework is a free of cost, open source development platform. Hence, you do not need to purchase any costly program to run it. Therefore, it brings just a generous cost for producing a PHP based website for you.

A large number of developers today are relying over this technology to build quality web pages. PHP framework plays an important role to enhance the performance of a website, especially when they become reliable and maintenance free. PHP supports all the major web browsers i.e. Windows, MacOS, LINUX or UNIX. It has always remained outstanding among the most secure frameworks to create websites and web based applications. It comprises a significant security layer to ensure against the viruses and dangers. When the custom web arrangements get effectively blended with HTML technology, an increased number of web designers wish to use this programming dialect.

Various PHP Applications

  • Building web pages and web-based applications
  • eCommerce applications
  • GUI-based applications
  • Data representation
  • Web content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Image Processing & Graphic Design

Advantages of PHP Programming

  • A statements of intents with which it becomes fast, flexible and pragmatic.
  • Obtains syntax similarities with C and Java free of cost open source platform with cross platform development capability to work across Mac Windows, Macintosh and UNIX operating systems.
  • A weakly-typed language that does not need explicit and can be easily learned, used and implemented. It offers extensive library support and extensions to provide additional functionality like image processing and graphic design.
  • It supports a range of databases including Oracle, MySQL and MS Access and can interact with many other services using protocols like IMAP, LDAP, POP3, NNTP, SNMP, HTTP, and COM.
  • A highly efficient web language that easily works with the URLs and HTML. It provides an excellent means to access other web-based tools like Google Maps etc.

PHP Framework has proved to be extremely useful to add dynamic content to the web pages. It has occupied a dominant position among the worldwide used web applications and web content management systems. Many new features are offered by PHP 5.6.0 as variadic functions, contact scalar expressions, uploading of large file sizes, function and constant importing and so on.

PHP Framework Reviewing

PHP programming itself comprises some of the powerful and most popular frameworks that facilitate the developers with usability, speed and stability. Check below some of the top listed PHP framework systems for web and mobile application development.

Moreover, here we are short listing the best trending PHP based frameworks that would help you to decide upon what framework should be chosen.


The best PHP framework – Laravel is used by majority of software developers for its custom design solutions to benefit different business industries. Many robust development features of Laravel are appreciated by many IT professionals. Laravel PHP Framework also features elegant syntax pattern, simple and secure mechanism for authentication, affordable price and well-thought homestead. Nowadays, 14 versions of Laravel are available for development. Laravel 5.5 is the latest version that was released in August 2017. Every new version brings something new in its features list that makes the task of Laravel Development easier. Also, every new version brings enhanced level of security that further makes the process of data migration even faster.


Kohana is a PHP 5 Framework that is best known for its community support and flexibility. It is a nicely structured curve that can be learned easily and it also comes with many session drivers.


CodeIgniter is another best PHP framework that is known for bringing versatility to the table and it leaves very small footprints. This framework is primarily developed for the PHP coders involving all types of experience for the people demanding more simple solution for building qualitative web applications.


It is quite similar to Ruby on Rails framework that is used only for PHP programming. Using Akelos framework makes your web application building process very les complex and you will become able to enjoy a simpler web server than ever.


If you are seeking a rapid development framework for your website, it is always better to opt for the CakePHP solution that provides an extensible architecture to develop, maintain and deploy web applications. Usage of ORM and MVC, the commonly known design patterns within the convention over the paradigm of configuration, the cost of development and the need for writing code reduces when you are using CakePHP.

Zend Framework

An object-oriented framework – Zend Framework is strictly written in PHP 5 language. This simple and easy to operate framework comprises a loose architecture that lets different components of zend to enhance the functionality of your applications.


There emerges a library of different classes created and written in PHP 5 language to deal with the Symfony PHP framework. Here, a variety of useful components, architecture and excellent tools are provided to develop complex web apps.

Yii PHP Framework

When you need a high component-based PHP framework – Yii will be a good choice to develop large scale applications. It supports many great features and was easily written in OOP.

PHP Dev Shell

PHPDevShell provides a sheltered shell to let your code running in. It is fast and secure and provides immediate results by whom it was used. In this system, you can even simply put your own PHP scripts along with a secure menu system or else take an extra step and developing your own plugin for PHPDevShell


If you really want your applications to run smoothly, it is highly imperative to select appropriate PHP Framework that provides you a secure platform to run your apps. No matter where you stand, the implementation of the PHP framework helps in reducing your workload. It speeds up the coding and development process and eliminates the need of coding repeatedly. Kunsh Technologies is a professional PHP Development Company based India with having 7+ years of robust experience in the same domain. Considering ourselves as Laravel experts, however, we are not limited to just Laravel, we also offer strong expertise in Codeigniter, Yii, Symfony and Zend. We help our customers with custom PHP web development, full-lifecycle php development, php based CMS development, php based social networking development, CRM and ERP development.