Corona is a pandemic that has taken the world by seizing. There are several affected countries and widespread lockdowns have been imposed. There are over 2192469 infected people from the Corona pandemic. With over 145705 fatalities, preventive measures need no more advanced approach.

With over 600 thousand people infected, the US remains to be the worst affected region. Corona tracking has become quite difficult here. But, one technology can help people in the US track Corona. 

Apple’s iPhones are the most popular smartphones in the US. Apple’s iPhones have seen more than 105 million users and iOS was the second-largest mobile operating system last year. Such a popular platform can be leveraged for Corona tracking in the US.

Apple has long before developed two frameworks named CareKit and research Kit for healthcare-related apps. Any app development company can utilize these frameworks to create state-of-the-art healthcare mobile apps that can track Corona. 

Healthcare apps also are known as “mHealth apps” have been around some time and have a large market base of $172 billion in 2019 and which is expected to cross $206 billion by 2020. This market includes Electronic Health Record (EHR)/ EMR(Electronic Medical Record), mobile health, wireless health, and telehealth. 

Out of these mobile health and wireless health remains on the top as far as revenues are concerned. Due to the soaring increase of smartphone usage and emerging markets of wearables, the development of healthcare apps has gained traction, and developers are looking to capitalize on the same.

Such wearables can be leveraged for effective tracking of COVID-19 symptoms, interaction with any of such infected people, and most importantly scale of infections. Let’s first understand the heuristics of these frameworks for mobile app development of healthcare apps.

Care kit- A framework for mHealth apps:

Care kit provides a framework for developers and healthcare organizations to develop high-performance mHealth apps for tracking and monitoring diseases and relative diagnosis. These apps may or may not work across all the Apple devices. But, it certainly works on Apple Watch. 

There are several apps already built on this framework for diseases like Parkinson’s disease or many types of cancer. Apple has kept the Care kit open-sourced and that helps developers to access its code easier to develop applications for the disease tracking. Developers can leverage such abilities of the framework to create apps for Corona tracking.

It makes app development for medical foundations and health organizations quite functional by allowing access to the sensors, like gyroscope and accelerometer on mobile and wearable devices. Such sensors can provide relative data on the movements of people, especially under lockdowns. 

The framework is built upon different types of modules, which can be customized according to the needs of the patient. These modules can be built to create apps according to the complexity and requirement of the healthcare benefits pre-defined by the developer.

Four modules that can be built upon the Care kit framework are:

1. Care Card Module: It helps patients to manage all the tasks related to their treatment.

2. Symptom and Measurement Tracker: It helps patients keep an eye on the symptoms one develops due to infection of Corona like viruses.

3. Insights: It demonstrates to the patients, the relation between the treatment and regular progress. This can be very useful for people kept under observation.

4. Contact: It is a tool of communication, where patients can contact the doctors and their friends and family members regarding the progress in health and also stay in touch with members of the care team other than the doctors.  

It is really important to create greater communication between healthcare providers and people under lockdown or quarantine. As regular checking and tracking of Corona related symptoms become easy with such communication.


This is a framework developed by Apple to facilitate researchers and organizations to conduct studies and research on various healthcare subjects. Though this framework was introduced way back in 2015, it got a new boost with wearables and health trackers booming the market. Apple too with the Apple watch made it easier to aggregate important data from the research subjects.

This is a key to research and development of a vaccine for Corona. It helps researchers understand the data from different sources and perform vital computations. With mobile phones and wearables being the biggest source of data in the current scenario, Apple’s research kit can turn the tables in Corona research.

As wearable integration into the mobile APIs needed more sophisticated apps to be developed. It began with enterprises, who were looking to hire iOS developers to tap into the wearable market and it became an economic ecosystem of its own. As the number of wearable devices shipped worldwide is expected to double from 2019 to 2022, this ecosystem can be beneficial in the fight against Corona.

This framework helps build apps that can monitor hormonal activities, mood swings, heart rates, glucose,  blood pressure level, and many more. There are several studies conducted through this medium and each of them has been beneficial to the healthcare and diagnostics point of view.

This framework can also be leveraged to understand the rate of saliva that is deposited into the lungs during Corona infections. Most of the patients have lungs filled with their saliva that causes respiratory failures in Corona disease. Such important tracking can help reduce the rate of infection and cure patients.

Another important factor is data analytics of human trails. Researchers can develop iOS apps that can help collect data from such volunteers and calculate results through integrated cloud technologies. 


The world is fighting with all it can to curb the pandemic. The US is already fighting the lack of important healthcare kits for their frontline responders. In such a scenario, an iOS app developed through an iPhone development company that can help authorities and healthcare providers track the symptoms, movements, and other important data of Corona infected people can certainly make the difference.

It is important to understand the capabilities of both the frameworks and difference between them. While CareKit is great for symptom tracking apps, ResearchKit can be used purely for vaccine research. Different mask manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, and PPE kit manufacturers too can hire ios app developers from different countries like India or the US to develop such apps. The bottom line is that this platform can turn the tide of war against Corona.