In today’s digital era, socializing has got more virtual than ever, where even the closest of friends tend to connect through a virtual social media platform! How about a Social Media Platform that actually breaks the virtual barriers to bring like-minded people closer?

MingleBoard is a truly Social Media platform that connects people with similar interests. Kunsh TechnologiesTop Mobile App Development Company has built such a Social Networking platform which is different from these Virtual and Online Networking apps where people always connect virtually. Instead, we have developed a Social Network that motivates and helps people physically collaborate and socialize. 

And not only that, the platform actually helps people to connect and engage with only like-minded people and content that they are interested in – No Junk, no absurdity or forwarded and unwanted content. 

It is bridging the gap between people through common interests. It allows people to choose from more than 50+ interests and create mingles or events based on interests to invite like-minded people. 

So, Do you want to get truly social, then MingleBoard is your partner in socializing!

The Right Interest:

We always like to see content based on our interests. But, with social media apps providing all kinds of content that are not even related to what your interests are. 

So, our team decided to develop an app that can help people to connect with like-minded people. So, the content produced by the people over the platform remains as per their own interests. 

The Network:

Build your network with people that have similar interests as you. Take an example of music, if you are a Jazz lover, why would you want friends that are die-hard rock music fans? MingleBoard understands the logic of a social network with friends that can relate to your interests and mingle with them.

With MingleBoard you will always have friends that can join you in every event that you ever want to enjoy. You can create circles based on the platform with the people of the same interests and ask them to join you at “Mingles (events)”.You can also create inner-circles for more personalization of the network.

The Mate Search:

Find mates with similar interests and chat with them personally, you can search friends or mates on the platform that have the same interest as you and ask them to connect with you. 

For more private conversations and interaction, MingleBoard provides the facility of chat with every mate. You can add your mates to your circles and have fun!

The Mingle:

Create mingles or events with date, time and assign a location. You can invite your mates according to the circles and interests to join you at your mingles. Mingles are a great way to invite people related to the event and ask them to join.

Users can also track which mate or friend is joining the event. You can even set you mingles to be visible to a particular circle, only you or just make it public for several circles to have the access.

Another interesting feature is “Mingle Search”, where you can search mingles based on your interests and know what other mates in your circle are up to. Mingles are a great way to pick on different events around you, which are curated based on your interests and your circles.

You can even add these mingles into your calendars to set reminders and even know the exact time with a location to the event.

The SocialBoard:

How about a SocialBoard that can help you get everything on upcoming mingles and what your mates are up to from a single point of resource?MingleBoard is the new-age SocialBoard with complete access to several mingles posted by mates and members of your circle.

It also helps you get familiar with several new aspects of your interests and keeps you in connection with the members of circles, created by you.

The Personal Connection:

Socialize with like-minded people and get a personal connection through chat options from the MingleBoard. You can chat with your mates at MingleBoard and even with the members of your circle. 

Personalized chat option provides you with complete privacy and secure communication with your mates and people that have the same interests as you.

A New Way to Socialize:

MingleBoard- a new way to socialize, redefines the social networking apps on a new level. With this Social Media platform, you will always find the content you want to see or hear and friends you want to have. 

MingleBoard is a social networking platform that is,

  • According to your interests.
  • Perfect place to meet like-minded people.
  • A platform to get the best of new events.
  • A place to create, post and share your activities regularly.
  • An app to connect with people easily.
  • A Social Network that is user-specific.

Get Social:

If you are a “Social-bee” and looking to get the most of your social network with an app, MingleBoard has that Social-Factor, which makes it more interesting! There is no end to how much you can socialize with this app!

So, download the app today from the Android Play Store or Apple App store and get truly social with MingleBoard!