AngularJS is a JavaScript MVC framework that works with extraordinary toolset that empowers app development.Internet giant – ‘Google’ has developed and maintained an exceptional platform for the web developers in the form of AngularJS to develop quality websites. This web platform enhances the features of HTML for developing interactive as well as dynamic user interfaces for the web and mobile applications. It can also be understood as the booster of HTML assuring an absolute framework for mobile, web or other native applications.

In the technical terms, AngularJS is also referred as AngularJS 1.X or Angular.js that is basically a JavaScript based open source framework for front-end web applications. Under maintenance of Google and a community of professionals and corporations, the JavaScript MVC framework is used to meet the end-to-end requirements for developing the single-page applications. The HTML page contains the AngularJs written inside the tags, whereas the JavaScript, HTML and CSS is required to be written on the client side. To know more, Kunsh Technologies – Web and Mobile App Development Company throwing as below the light over the key elements of the AngularJS Development Process.

  • Data Binding: The data binding application helps in the smooth flow of the data. If there seems any update in the model, it automatically appears in the view and vice versa. This minimizes an ample of time that is generally required for updating data. Here, the Model and View Components have proper synchronization together. The data expressed inside the double curly braces is known as the Binding Source that is an important feature of this framework. Also, the expressions in curly braces are scaled before a binding update.

The framework also supplies a well implemented MVC. The developer is required to keep an eye over the Model-View-Controller separately, whereas the AngularJs takes care of the interlinking networking part. Hence, the development work becomes quite natural to implement using MVC model to work.

  • Dependency Injection: There are different modules used in an application and these modules depend each other, though they are separated. The process involves working over the entire construct of the JavaScript. The dependency injection is done using the directives, controllers and the services.
  • Declarative User Interface: HTML is used by AngularJs to compile the front-end features of the application. Its declarative helps supporting an application providing a strong user interface. Hence, it automatically produces the desired level of output. Simultaneously, the users are not at all required to worry about the data flow or the process flow and the dependencies. AnglularJs takes care of the dependencies giving a naïve feeling of the application to the users.
  • Unit Testing: AngularJs is far better than the traditional methods of application testing. Here, separate test codes are written for all single components and are tested for their functionality and out. The framework supports the unit testing process where one single mock test code is used for testing each component followed by Dependency Injection procedures.

So, I think this write-up would be well-enough to understand what actually AngularJs Framework is and what amazing powers of JavaScript development you can enjoy during the development process. Knowingly, majority of developers are heading towards the AngularJS Development today and the companies dealing with AngularJs Development Services are building excellent and dynamic applications to attain their business goals.