Nothing is certain in these new and interesting times. Everyone second guesses their instincts and becomes more reserved with who they trust. The offshoring and software development industries were not spared the challenges imposed by the restrictions issued in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why when someone gave us a chance to work on a project, we didn’t let it go to waste.

Our two latest projects were both software development projects for companies in the medical field. Our first partner needed new designs to make their website and app more responsive. While our second partner needed to update their CMS in order to make it more engaging for customers.

These two projects aren’t the most challenging in a technical sense, but considering their need to make themselves stand out in these perilous times we weren’t going to treat them lightly. Our goal with both of these projects was to become a source of stability for our clients and deliver something they can definitely count on in the coming months.

Being one of the top WordPress development company in India and having expert WordPress developers, we were confident to deliver these projects on time and with the highest quality. We always believe in delivering our web development projects with utmost quality and sincerity. WordPress as a CMS has evolved greatly in recent years. It’s no longer just a blog development tool. WordPress has become more sophisticated. As a leading WordPress development company we have delivered numerous WordPress development projects. From static WordPress website to WooCoomerce based eCommerce websites. We have developed all of them.

Every client comes with its own custom requirement. Be it in terms of website design or some sort of business functionality. Integrating plugins, customization in function.php or developing and modifying core WordPress code. We know it all when it comes to WordPress and the clients trust us for this very ability of ours to give them exactly what they want with their WordPress site.

With these two latest projects, it was critical for us to review and understand the requirement of the clients. Be it WordPress or any other web development or app development project, it is really important to understand the requirements. It is the first and most important step and if you don’t understand this, the things may go wrong right from the beginning. Our business analysis team is well-equipped and possesses years of experience in analyzing web development project requirements. That helped us in understanding client’s needs and expectations of their WordPress development projects.

After analysing the whole requirement, we laid out a strategy on how to proceed with the development of these WordPress web development projects. Our design team created layouts and wireframes. The UI/UX of a website lays the foundation of the success of website. The ultimate goal of a website is to generate more traffic and serve the end-users the content that they are looking for. For website owners, every visit is a potential business opportunity and by leveraging proper UI/UX design, one can create website that converts visits into business leads.

It is really important for a WordPress designer to know where to place CTAs (call to action buttons), how to design a proper navigation and how friendly the design should be.

Our expert WordPress developers and designers sit together and work on a most effective website layout. Once that’s done, our WordPress Developers take the charge. After determining whether to use a Ready WordPress theme and integrate it or to design a custom WordPress theme, we start implementing the theme. A good WordPress developer knows which plugins to be used so that they don’t conflict with each other and don’t break the site.

With WordPress sometimes you have to rely on many third-party WordPress plugins and one needs to be careful while using it. Many WordPress plugins slow down the site or they are buggy and expose the WordPress site to certain vulnerabilities. At Kunsh Technologies, our WordPress developers with their years of experience know how to ensure the security and speed of a WordPress website.

Achieving search engine optimized WordPress website and making sure the page speed matrix of a WordPress website give good results is a tough job. You have to make sure that the caching of the WordPress site is optimized and the javascripts are deferred and parsed properly. One has to leverage the server and browser caching, use CDN and minify the CSS and javascripts to get better SEO optimized WordPress site. Optimization of images and lazy loading are key issues that need to be handled properly in a WordPress site. Our WordPress developers are expert in handling SEO related matters of a WordPress website and as an end-result the WordPress site we developed are optimized for search-engines.

Using all these best-practices for WordPress development, we delivered these projects within the expected duration and with the highest quality standards. Our efforts were rewarded with identical five-star Clutch reviews that did much in raising our profile both within our industry and country as a stable quality service provider.

Clutch is an online reviews and ratings platform that specifically caters to B2B companies and businesses. It’s an important resource that allows business owners to find reliable partners for any project they want to take on but don’t have the internal skill set to do alone.

A Clutch review on its own is already a milestone that’s worth being happy about, but these two reviews are special because they were able to push Kunsh Technologies to Number 6 on The Manifest’s list of the Top 20 HR Service providers in India.

The Manifest is a business data aggregator that compiles and creates lists that includes the best companies in each industry and country. All these milestones are due to the fact that we’ve done our utmost to being a stable presence for our partners and clients.

The fact that they reciprocate our efforts with these high ratings and reviews signal to our hardworking team that what they’re doing is making a difference. Let us make that same difference for your business.

The world may have stopped but your business doesn’t have to do the same. Just fill out our form and we can set up an appointment to get started on what you need.

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