You may have tried your hands into different web application platforms, but I am sure you will definitely be overwhelmed after trying ASP.NET, server-side framework for your web projects as it provides you a stable and secure solution to your all web projects.

Microsoft ASP.NET Framework

ASP.NET is an object-oriented framework that is written in the C# programming and VB.NET programming language.

Designed by Microsoft, this language is used for building websites specifically on the Windows browsers and server systems. It involves a colossal infrastructure that demands good knowledge and expertise of the developers involved in it.

In general, ‘it is big enough to handle’.

Of course, .NET performs everything that all frameworks do. It simplifies the work of websites and web application development by providing some extraordinary tools and code to the .Net developers; everything in a single package. Additionally, it is just a single component of the .NET platform i.e. a complex development environment similar to Java in its structure and scope. From ORMs (Object-Relational Mappers) to IDE (Integrated Design Environments) like Visual Studio, all the bases are covered in Microsoft based .NET framework platform

But that all is changeable.

Earlier, enterprise technology was the only permanent and reliable solution for the Microsoft’s business and the .NET platform was almost exclusively used in the corporate offices and businesses on Windows machines for developing enterprise level applications, the introduction of ASP.NET 5 in 2015 has opened doors of this framework towards new operating systems, new front-end development support, new machinery and a whole new ASP.NET developer community.

So, now it the most appropriate time to get involved with ASP.NET along with learning a bit about what the new things are brought with the latest release.

Basics of ASP.NET Framework

  • NET 5 supports the MVC framework
  • The .NET compact framework
  • NET is the next generation ASP (Active Server Page)
  • Three major components i.e. Microsoft’s Common Language Runtime (CLR), the Framework Class Library and the ASP.NET Framework.
  • .NET’s programming languages
  • .NET’s scripting languages
  • Common Language Infrastructure (CLI)

Dot Net Fraework Stands For:

  • Outstanding software development at the enterprise level.
  • IT helps in building websites and web applications using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
  • Building responsive mobile websites and applications along with native mobile apps
  • Building Web APIs

What’s New with ASP.NET 5?

If we talk about the biggest change that ASP.NET 5 has brought about is that it now supports both Linux and OS X operating systems additional to Windows and this happened for the first time in its history. Hence, this immediately brought a major change in the .NET audience.

Now, the start-ups can typically use the OS x/Linus and Mac hardware with this framework and it has made ASP.NET a most viable option. Other big changes cover:

ASP.NET’s MVC 6 Framework: Earlier, in ASP.NET 4, there offered three development models with different app building approaches: Web Pages, Web Forms and MVC. The evolution of ASP.NET 5 has merged them into a single solution i.e. MVC 6.

MVC 6 Supports:

  • Linux Operating System
  • C# programming language
  • OS X operating system
  • js
  • AngularJS
  • View Components
  • Tag Helpers
  • GruntJS
  • Web API building features
  • Bower

Hire .NET Developer

Designing, modifying, developing and implementing software applications and components related to Microsoft .NET Framework is proficiently accomplished by the .NET developers.

They use pre-established guidelines and written specifications for developing and then provide relevant support system to the software they have created. These developers should be highly skilled and experienced in back-end operations with having solid and object-oriented knowledge of programming.

Now, when the .NET has open its space for the non-Microsoft hardware using programmers for performing development activities in the non-Windows environment, the core skill set of .NET has broadened considerably.

Every .NET Developer have consist of following knowledge…..

  • Knowledge of C# i.e. the core language of the .NET framework
  • Knowledge of VB.NET i.e. basically and object-oriented version of the basic programming language of Microsoft used in ASP.NET 4. ASP.NET supports C# programming language, but may bring back VB.NET into the fold as the new release develops.
  • SQL databased technology where the databases are written in SQL i.e. a standard language to access database including MS SQL Server.
  • Hadoop – this NoSQL database supports storage, transfer and analysis of big data.
  • GitHub
  • JavaScript – Also known as Jscript i.e. a Microsoft’s reversed-engineered version of JavaScript.
  • MVC Architecture covers how to develop applications using View, Model and Controller Architecture.
  • AJAX
  • jQuery
  • Windows
  • HTML5
  • Integration Testing
  • Techniques related to Object-Oriented Programming
  • Windows 8
  • Windows Azure Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Exchange Server

ASP.NET Development Tools

Though, ASP.NET 5 is release, but the development arena still requires to hire an ASP.Net Developer that can work within the .NET 4 platform. The required tools include:

ASP.NET 5 is released but in development, so you may still require a .NET developer who can work within the .NET 4 platform. Those tools include:

  • Visual Studio
  • Visual Basic
  • AJAX Control Toolkit
  • The Entity Framework
  • The Razor syntax language


Usage of ASP.NET is done for creating dynamic web pages and web applications. ASP constitutes a very significant component of dot net framework. Since its inception, ASP.NET has proved its importance as a most used and precious tool for the web developers and software programmers. Basically, it is used for creating rich websites, web based applications and developing dynamic web pages. Hence, you would definitely need to hire ASP.Net Developer for making your own dynamic web applications.

A reputable .NET Development Company could definitely serve you best in this regard.