A Microsoft product – ASP.NET is a web application framework developed to facilitate the programmers in building dynamic websites. Developers can use the full-featured programming language like VB.NET or C# to easily build up the web applications. ASP.NET web development is a platform that offers a comprehensive infrastructure, a programming model, and a diverse range of services that are needed for building up robust web applications for personal computers and other mobile devices.

As a part of Microsoft based .Net platform – the applications of ASP.NET web development are compiled codes generated using reusable and extensive components or objects present in the framework. Such codes can cover the entire hierarchy of the classes in asp.net framework. The codes can be written in any of the languages like C#, J#, Visual Basic.Net and Jscript.

This framework is used for producing data-driven and interactive web applications over the internet. It comprises an increased number of controls such as; buttons, text-boxes and labels to assemble configure and manipulate code for creating HTML pages.

ASP.NET Web Development Services

If you are what I am talking about, then it would definitely be the ‘web services’ in ASP.NET. Web services involve a mechanism provided by the ASP.NET Framework for easy writing of the code so that the applications may remain connected. If you need an application that can be used by many other applications, then you should simply opt for writing a web service for it and ASP.Net will take care of managing with the SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and XML for you.

On the other hand, if your .Net application wants to use a web service, for example, an application that will provide you SOAP based interface for communication. So, what you should do is, to write a small web service to see how you can have the application communication-ready for other applications. Secondly, you should try to consume a web service for understanding how you can use other applications from your own application.

Wrapping up

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