App related discussions are in trend these days, especially when people talk about what apps are in trend today, latest evolution in mobile app development and design sector, trends pertaining to Internet of Things and Enterprise Mobility Solutions and many more.

Simultaneously, it is also important as well as necessary to remain updated with the latest happenings specifically for the iOS app developers if you are working in this field or looking for an app designing for your business.

Only a few months ago, the Apple’s new Operating System iOS 11.3 has been launched with huge improvements in its existing functionality and features. This helped a lot to get familiar with the top iOS app development trends in 2018.

Every iOS app developer should always consider that Apple is very strict about the app changes and updates. If you have not followed the rules properly, your app would hardly get the permission to be released on the Apple App Store. Point to note is that the Apple App Store is comprised of more than 2.8 million iOS apps by the beginning of 2018.

Year after year, the trends change and the changes they bring on the business of an organization, simultaneously. Although, the Android apps are more in numbers than the iOS apps, but when talking about increased ROIs and revenues for businesses, people mostly trust on the iOS apps. The reason behind the increasing popularity of iOS apps is their excellence in technology and they also offer better security than Android.

Check out the latest iOS trends in 2018:

  1. Swift 4 Introduced

You must be probably aware of Swift language if you are an iOS developer. Yes! It is a programming language that has been developed by Apple and it offers support to iOS and Linux Operating Systems. This language can additionally be pre-compiled for tvOS and macOS platforms as well. You can call Swift 4 as an advanced version of Swift 3, which is a powerful language that can be learnt easily and it is well recognised for its robust security and scalability features.

For the iOS developers, this language has made the iOS application development process much simple and it saves memory space in a device as well.

  1. Advancements in AI and Siri

Ever since the launched of Apple’s personal assistant Siri is done, it gained immense popularity all through the world. No doubt, Siri has brought about a major boost in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and contextual learning as it has an understanding of what people search and speak.

Moreover, Siri has helped people a lot to find answers about important questions. Additionally, it also offers a GPS pin that helps you in accessing the Citi Mobile App that offers services as a task manager.

Moreover, it has helped a great deal in finding answers to important questions. In addition, it also offers a GPS pin, which helps you to get an access to the Citi Mobile App offering service as the task manager.

  1. Latest about Core Machine Learning

Core Machine Learning or Core ML is another most talked about trend followed by iOS app developers that needs to watch out. It comprises a machine learning framework launched by Apple and has been proved effective for the tasks related to QuickType, Siri or Camera.

Now, the developers just have to add a simple task of adding some codes to enhance app’s security along with enriching its features. The core ML will provide a level of communication that remains applicable to all the iOS devices with its robust library. Moreover, it is also capable of face detection with understanding language and developing the Artificial Intelligence based games.

Therefore, one can call it as a game-changing asset specifically for the gaming apps. Surveys suggest that games are by volume the most popular app category in the Apple App Store that constitutes approximately 25{4ce454ca368db5bdea9cb303ce6c6bfa78ce6f80d4faa27e62011f058bfbb2c9} of popular gaming apps.

  1. ArKit and Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality has always been important with the Apple and mobile app developers after the launch of iOS 11 and iOS 11.3. It has shifted the entire focus to ARKit.

Now, if you will ask about the purpose of releasing the ARKit, the answer is, it helps in developing virtual-reality based and 3D mobile applications that have gained impetus these days. In fact, an ample support will also be given to the ARKit from Sumerian application platform of Amazon. And when Amazon has shared hands with Apple’s ARkit, it seems quite an interesting field for the others too. Hence, the year 2018 is expected to be fruitful for the AR and VR apps.

  1. More User-Friendly Apple Pay

Like Google Wallet is introduced by Google, Apple Pay is also brought about by Apple i.e. a digital online mobile wallet using which helps the iOS users to make easy payments. It will also support all the iOS devices including iOS watches, max laptops, iPad and iPhones.

Here, users are rest assured about the security issues as the app facilitate high security to make you perform the hassle-free transactions.

  1. Focus on Creating Hybrid Apps

With the passing time, the popularity of cross-platform app development is transforming into their new substitutions and advanced tools including React Native and NativeScript etc. This has proved quite significant to solve user experience and performance related issues of the users.

It also supports to develop the hybrid apps involving better interfaces and user experiences. In fact, the iOS developers also focus on creating hybrid apps as they are time-saving.

  1. Better File Management

A new app in the name of ‘Files’ has been introduced with the release of iOS 11 and it is totally dedicated to file management in your iOS devices. This cloud-base application allows the users to store all the information in a single file and access it using any device of their choice. This has proved to be a handy tool for the business organizations as well as common users both.

You just need to create a single dashboard where all your documents can be stored including videos, audios, images etc. Whenever you want to pick one, you will not need to search for the files at different locations. The cloud-based apps will help the devices remain connected and share information easily.

  1. Apple’s Innovative Creation – HomeKit

Apple’s HomeKit is undoubtedly it’s one of the most innovative creations that has actually been developed to solve home automation related purposes. This covers a futuristic technology that allows the iOS app developers in creating certain apps in the future that can remain connected with the devices using Apple HomeKit. It will surely bring a major change in the home automation procedure.

Furthermore, this will also strengthen the networks of Internet of Things and if one believes a survey, it is expected to reach up to 50 billion by year 2020.

  1. Alterations in iPad Applications

The field of iPad application development has not been progressed that much as of yet. However, the introduction of Qualcomm i.e. a kind of a chipset, iPads have got the boost with battery life enhancement. The changes mostly happened considering increasing competition in the tablet industry and so 2018 will definitely witness the new apps stuffed with new and advanced features.

  1. Increase in Number of Free Apps

People know that Apple’s apps are not at all made available for free, but 2018 is expected to bring more free downloads from Apple’s App store, especially the game based applications.


The iOS app industry is seeing the most important phase of transformation in Mobile App Development especially after the launch of iOS 11 and iOS 11.3. In fact, major changes have been experienced after the launch of iPhone X and iPhone 8. Therefore, it has become vital for the users, developers and businesses to always remain updated about the latest trends in the industry.

Apple keeps on bringing changes within every new interval to offer better experiences to its end customers. Additionally, it has also been proved crucial to update your apps on regular intervals for their better performances.