When you are up to create and manage your websites, WordPress emerges as the most popular and most capable tool for this job. It is a wonderful content management system that helps you in managing the overall content on your website efficiently and effectively.

Understanding the unique challenges faced in the digital presence and customer interaction Custom WordPress Development control your website carefully with the customization platform.

In simple definition, a piece of software that helps in making websites – WordPress has proved its remarkable significance in the world of technology. The software is written and used by collaboratively thousands of people around the globe and they all volunteer about the amazing uses and efficient working of the software.

It is absolutely remarkable!

You would wonder to know that 5 of my total 7 websites are build using WordPress plugins and architecture.

WordPress – An open source website creation tool

A developer’s fingers keep dancing with enthusiasm while checking out a button at the top right of the official WordPress.org home page saying ‘Download WordPress’ and then everything happens smoothly and perfectly.

wordpress development

At the same page, you get the button letting you download the latest version of the software and you can always get a new version installed whenever you are clicking it to download. The best thing is that it does not costs any money. Hence, anyone can own its licencing to create ‘remarkable webpages’ and leave the milestones ahead.

This WordPress software comes without any limitations and it allows a number of customization as well, according to your choice. The only limitation with the software is that you should release the changes made to the applications built on it to everyone else, so that other people can also benefit from what you have accomplished.

WordPress Statistics

Researches state that WordPress is best Content Management System. It powers more than 26.4% of the entire web. The unparalleled versatility of its software is the major reason behind this.

wordpress stats

Moreover, 41.7 million new posts are made each month along with 60.5 million new comments.

In every six months, more than 1.1 million new domains are registered on the WordPress and it enjoys more than 59.4% of market share.

It is an amazing fact that WordPress employs 500 times fewer employees than Amazon, but it is more visited than Twitter with getting 131 million unique visitors every month.

WordPress today comprises a list of 44,622 plugins with 1.3 billion downloads. Due to easy customization features, one can easily develop many customized plugins for it.

Why WordPress is Used

First WordPress is written for blogging. It is actually a ‘web log’ that has acronymed into ‘blog’.

This kind of log is like a journal and it is a journal on the web and among the majority of blogging web sources available on the Internet, WordPress has proved to be excellent.

Normally, a blog has a title, a post, a sidebar, archives, categories, tweets etc. There are also some comments at the end of the post.

The best and most interesting things about WordPress is that it is growing with holding a growing community as well. Now, its software has become flexible enough for creating any type of website.

One of the finest example of a WordPress product is Vogue Magazine developed online as Vogue.com, which is popular as well as successfully running on this exceptional platform. The Ottawa Citizen newspaper for the capital of Canada is another example of the best usage of WordPress integration and their site receives an enormous amount of traffic and have excessive number of contents.

A huge number of web and mobile app development websites are also successfully running on this tool.

WordPress – More than the CMS

Even beyond the normal content based websites, WordPress has also proved its significance for eCommerce. The WooCommerce plugin for WordPress drives around 30% of the total ecommerce on the entire web.

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WordPress is also best to use for the membership websites where you need to pay for accessing certain kind of content like themes and music, and educational material.

WordPress also excels for building community websites. You can power up your mobile apps using exceptional WordPress integration techniques.

Today, people often use their mobile phones for accessing the internet and to use the native apps. WordPress can better drive those apps successfully as well.

While summing up, I can truly say that WordPress is a flexible enough tool that you can use to build just about anything you imagine. Just explore more about its features and you will love to develop things using it.

Wrapping Up:

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