Selection of CMS – a Content Management System is one of the vital decisions you are about to make while building a web solution for your business. With the help of best content management system you can update your content, create or edit web pages, change images and manage other things on your website. As a matter of fact: majorly we have two options to choose from. One is using an off-the-shelf solution just like WordPress CMS System, and the second is building own custom CMS from scratch.

To stand out in the web crowd, you need to be the best from other available resource for your website visitors. Having an appetite for good information and creative content is necessary. But the right medium to showcase the content holds equal importance. CMSs gives us the ability to edit, and create content on the website.

If you are the one who is stuck between WordPress and custom-build CMS for your business website development, then let me clear one thing – ‘you’re not alone’. To make an informed decision, one must need to understand the difference between these two available options, and how it will impact your business.

Today, we are going to see how WordPress is different from custom-build CMS? Also, what are the considerable advantages and disadvantages associated? Your content is the king, and how you display it? it depends on a variety of factors.

WordPress vs Custom CMS


WordPress – a most popular CMS is indeed widely used, free and open-source content management system based on PHP and MySQL. Because it is easy to use, offering a wide range of plugins, providing thousands of ready to use themes and has extensive capabilities for customization. Due to its functionalities, there is a number of people and over 33% of the total World Wide Web is powered by WordPress. WordPress has a broad community of developers that one can consult if they need any help with the managing WordPress website.

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Custom-build CMS:

Despite the popularity, WordPress has a number of proponents who nonetheless prefer the advantages of the custom-build CMS, such web solutions were created as bespoke solutions tailored to encounter the needs of a particular company. As an outcome, custom-built CMS provide functionalities which are flexible, relevant and not limited to any presets.

#1 Flexibility:

WordPress: In case, you want to implement the third party commenting services on your website, or you are thinking about using a cloud content delivery network (Cloud CDN) to reduce the loading time, then WordPress CMS is the much suitable option. With WordPress, you can easily find all kinds of tutorials and plugins on how to implement everything within minutes.

Custom CMS: Unlike WordPress, if you choose custom CMS, you are not bound by choice of available plugins in the market. In fact, you can build your own and the way you have imagined. In addition, you’ll be no longer confined to the template on both sides: the frontend and the backend. Although it will consume more time and demands for more experience, you are going to have desired functionality that is tailored to business-specific demands.

#2 Security:

WordPress: With the increasing popularity, WordPress also not reprieve of malware targets. WordPress Plugins pose a major threat to the website as many of them has security loopholes and bugs that might pave a way for hacker attacks. With WordPress, one needs to monitor all the updates of a bunch of plugins that have been installed to ensure that the CMS is up to date and meets the latest security standards.

Custom CMS: As opposed to WordPress, custom CMS offers high-level security. Primarily, your website is not going to target by a huge number of spamming bots. Yet, there might be holes in some of the third-party scripts, or risks due to poor coding. In short in custom-based CMS delivered fully secured version by hiring an experienced WordPress Developer who builds your customised CMS. In Custom CMS, you are unlikely to find any security problems or glitches.

#3 Utilization:

WordPress: WordPress Development Services are popular for its simplicity. With huge community support of developers with zillions of users, Using WordPress as a CMS is constantly improving and offering better user experience.

Custom CMS: A platform which is specially designed to meet the specific needs of your business is undoubtedly easier to use, than the off-the-shelf solutions. You are not going to annoyed by unwanted features. Custom web CMS will leave you with a clean, intuitive and comprehensive interface that is a pleasure to utilize.

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#4 Speed:

WordPress: The WordPress CMS is a fairly efficient system, and a professional hosting company can surely make a WordPress website even faster by working with different web development technologies, such as CDN – Content Delivery Networks.

Custom CMS: As the Custom-build CMS designed to do exactly what you have asked for, there is nothing more than what is necessary to slow it down. The code and design can be optimised to serve the specific needs, thus the speed will be more as compared to WordPress.

#5 Cost:

WordPress: WordPress is an open-source CMS and totally free to use, yet you still have to pay for the hosting and domain registration. Moreover, Plugins and paid themes can add extra cost, so the overall cost depends on the functionality you need.

Custom CMS: With high-speed CMS you can have exactly what you’ve desired for. However, to build a custom based solution from scratch will cost substantially more than the WordPress Web Solutions. The custom CMS development demands for experienced professionals with advanced skill-set, so you can get it done within the time span, effectively and efficiently. When it comes to investments, you need to decide on the basis of how much you want to invest in terms of time and money.


Both solutions have their own benefits as a most popular Content Management System. Before choosing, ask yourself, how big is your business and how many end users do you expect for the website? How much time and money you can invest in your venture? The experienced team at Kunsh Technologies says a custom CMS has generally required in-house web developers committed to a single web development, for them this opinion makes sense. Otherwise, for the vast majority of businesses, WordPress is an excellent solution.

Well-developed and designed WordPress websites look great, work efficiently, and cost less than websites built with a custom CMS. In the end, it totally depends on your business requirements and goals. Whatever choice you make, our Dedicated web Developers will help you with development and implementation of your CMS with all the available options.