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Foodies Party


Kunsh Technologies believe that an office Food Party is a great way to promote a healthy & productive work culture in an organization/company.

An office party is the best way to spark up the dull & boring routine of office culture and can break the ice and liven up things.As we know ‘Good food is the soul of any party”, Kunsh Technologies & Team celebrate Birthdays, anniversaries & festivals by organizing food parties / potlucks, which are in advanced planned by the team of employees.


Independence Day

Celebrating Independence


Independence Day celebrated every year on August 15th is like a common festival that all the people from India, irrespective of religion, caste, language or what God they believe in can and must celebrate.

It’s the day that we got the freedom to be what we are – proud Indians.

Kunsh Technologies celebrated “Independence Day” to bring together everyone in office and encourage a feeling of patriotism coupled with a lot of fun. All the employees painted Indian flags on faces with a respect for the country in their hearts.


Old Age Day

Days Celebration 2019


We dedicate Old Age Day to honour, respect and care for the world’s elderly. Kunsh Technologies celebrated “Old Age Day” in which dressing of all the employees was like an elder and they also transformed their faces like old age people. Employees carried out discussions on how to support elderly people at the end.


Tie and Saree Day

Days Celebration 2019


Dressing is an important element in the corporate world! Kunsh technologies celebrated “Tie & Saree Day”, wherein employees discovered their own styling essence which they already had inside them! A formal representation of human attracts the crowd if appropriate. Kunsh Technologies believe that they can polish the personality skills of employees by such days.


Horror Day

Days Celebration 2019


What a terrific day it was! Kunsh Technologies celebrated “Horror Day”!

Every employee came with a unique get-up which was funny yet terrible filled lots of creativity!

Such days refresh the environment of office, uplifts the mood and brings out the fun.

Kunsh Technologies keep their employees engaged thus building the team bond and increasing productivity at work desk along with such fun activities.


Fashion Day

Days Celebration 2019


Fashion is the physical expression of what lies on the inside.

IT Professionals are much more interested in what’s new in Technologies than in Fashion. 

Fashion, just like the IT world is dynamic and always changing. 

Kunsh Technologies believes that every employee should explore themselves and get inspired by the fashion world, bringing each one’s hidden talent forth. Fashion boosts Confidence!

To uncover the hidden talent of employees along with some entertainment, Kunsh Technologies celebrated “Fashion Day” by organizing a Fashion walk in which all the employees walked on music, dressed in different styles. The walk reflected confidence & creativity within the employees. A healthy discussion was also carried out on Current trends of Fashion.


Polo Forest One Day Picnic

just for demo


Refreshing your mind is necessary in between the circle of work. The time spent with your friends and family provides you with the boost that can get you through the next week.

To show appreciation and gratitude, Kunsh Technologies organized a one-day picnic to Polo Forest for the office employees.

The “Trip to Polo Forest” provided employees a new location to explore. The tracking in the trip increased the engagement between employees and they returned with beautiful memories.


Goa Trip



Working over 7 hours a day can really stress people out. The routine life can get tiring and people would get bored easily if they always have a monotonous schedule. To appreciate the hard work of employees Kunsh Technologies planned a trip to Goa for their encouragement. 

“Trip to Goa” was mainly to build a bridge between the teammates. It was a memorable trip, full of fun & frolic. Sports activities such as River Rafting among team made it more entertaining!

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