Project Summary

Kunsh Technologies presents a unique social networking app that is based on the interests of the users. Now, you can choose your friends, who have the same interests as you and invite them to your events or mingles created according to your interests.

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Social Media Apps have been catering too much junk content to the audience. The content is not in accordance with their liking or interests. The challenge here was to create a new social media app that can help users get content and find people according to their interests. A social network that explores the physical element of socializing through connections by the app. The first challenge was app logic as this was a different type of social network and then to develop an app that can accommodate the logic and integrate features accordingly.


The solution was an excellent mobile application called MingleBoard. An excellent UI/UX design that helps the user navigate smoothly without any hassle. With this app, users can easily create circles with friends or mates of similar interests and create mingles or events with date, time, location and images. Users can use the app to invite their mates for mingles and track their presence too. They can even search for mingles according to interests, create a close group through the inner circle and chat with mates. MingleBoard app has been developed for both the native platforms of Android and iOS with free access for users.

  • Android
  • Kotlin
  • XML with AndroidX
Services Provided
  • Feed Management (Like, Share, Comments)
  • Image & Content Moderation
  • Firebase Chat and Push Notification
  • Friend Request Management
  • UX/UI Design
  • Firebase App Analytics
  • Firebase Crash Analytics


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