Raw Materials India

Project Summary

Kunsh Technologies developed Raw Materials India™ (RMI) Mobile App, which is India’s first digital platform that helps buyers & sellers from India to connect for their business through free buyers or sellers account.

  • RMI - Raw Materials Buy & Sell

  • Android App Development

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This was a unique concept for any B2B online platform and a challenge for us was extensive research needed for this project. Addition of different products, categorization of raw material for the app and make it easier for the clients to do the same needed expertise. Our skilled developers came up with a unique app logic that can integrate the business logic of this B2B platform. Another challenge was buyers/seller accounts and their authorization with complete validation.


The solution was an exquisite Android app developed by Kunsh Technologies. We took to frontend through XML with X design and used Kotlin for the backend development. This unique RMI app now helps buyers/sellers create their free accounts on the platform and conduct their business. They can add raw material products to the app and buyers can view these products. Once a buyer places a request for a certain product, the connection is made to several sellers to provide a mutual connection for trade.

  • Android
  • Kotlin
  • XML with AndroidX
Services Provided
  • Globally Search Products
  • Categories Products
  • Inquiry Listing
  • OTP verification
  • Firebase Analytics
  • Firebase Crash Analytics
  • Firebase Remote Config
  • UX/UI Design


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