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IoT apps; The new age smart apps

Internet of Things is a connected network of several physical devices with embedded sensors or nodes that exchange, process and store data through a cloud server. We offer customized IoT app development services for businesses that develop IoT-based devices for smart homes, smartwatches, wearables, and enterprise IoT devices.

Our IoT app development service includes
iBeacon Apps

iBeacon technology is based on Bluetooth technology designed first exclusively for Apple devices. It offers interactive connectivity between close proximity devices for data transfer. We provide excellent mobile app solutions that are interactive with the iBeacon devices.

Bluetooth Apps

From smart homes to your fitness tracker, everything that has IoT technology connects through Bluetooth. It is a wireless communication protocol that is widely used for IoT devices. We offer mobile app solutions for your smart devices to connect through Bluetooth protocol.

Wearable Apps

We build custom Apple Watch and wearable apps based on Watchkit APIs, glances and actionable notification. We also develop customized wearable apps for the Android platform with Android WearSDK.

IoT Mobile App

We help IoT businesses and enterprises build mobile apps in domains such as finance, healthcare, fitness, tourism, retail, photography and many others. Our team of skilled developers and designers creates an interactive experience with great UI designs.

Firmware & Hardware Development

Our firmware development team will plan, create architecture and execute the development. We also offer kernel porting, with custom module development for peripherals. Our team provides expert development from circuit design to PCB designing and development of physical devices.

Person To Machine Interface

We offer a P2M interface for all your peripherals and smart devices to cater to the interactive needs of users. Custom interfaces that enhance user experiences and create more enhanced human to machine interactions.

Software Development Company

IoT Web & Web App Development: Switch to the smart web!

Create excellent web platforms and web apps for your IoT device interactions and data access for users. Either it is an Android smart TV or an Apple TV, you can develop custom web apps to make interactions on your smart TVs to be more UX-friendly.

Build highly responsive healthcare websites that can integrate and interact with any fitness tracker or other healthcare wearables. Create interactive web apps for your IoT-based devices such as smartwatches, wrist bands, and other enterprise IoT devices too.

Our Web and Web App development includes
  • Custom web development for IoT-based applications.
  • Web app development for smart device interactions.
  • Frontend and backend development
  • Testing and validation of web apps
  • Support for integration and embedded development
  • Cloud development support for data storage and retrieval
Software Development Company
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